Library Services

Computers and Printers

ComputersAny current student may use a computer in the library. Each computer has Internet and Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel).  To use a computer, you must show your ID at the front desk, and they will give you a PIN number to input into the computer. You can then use the computer for one hour, but you may use it for longer if you get another code. Wireless Internet (WIFI) is also available for free throughout the library if you bring your laptop or tablet with you.


You can print documents from the computer. Each page costs .10. To print, you need to buy a print card. To buy a print card, you need to start with a one dollar bill. When you purchase the card, it will have .50 already loaded on to it. You can add more money onto the card if you need to.


The library has two copy machines. Each page is .10. You need to use change or dollar bills in these machines (NOT print cards). One of the copiers will provide color copies at .20 per page. You can also scan documents to your email for FREE.


Study Area

Study spaces

There are numerous study spaces in the library for you to sit and work QUIETLY on your homework or read for pleasure. We also have separate study rooms to check out if you have group work to complete. You may check these out with your student ID for two hours.

AudiovisualAudiovisual Materials

Sometimes your instructor will place a film or sound recording on reserve for your class. You can check these materials out from the Audiovisual Desk using your student ID. We also have an Audiovisual Room where you can watch films or listen to sound recordings (CDs, audiobooks). We provide you with the equipment, including headphones!